Medical Marijuana Recommendations Palm Coast

New Patient Evaluation - $200

210d Recommendation in office

Follow Up - $100

210d Recommendation in office

Now Offering Telemedicine

Other - $250

Extended Hours/Out of Office

Discounts Available-Medical Marijuana Doctor Medical Marijuana Doctor Recommendations Palm Coast

Vets - 15% off any service at time of service

Referrals - 25% of any service for verified patient referrals at time of service

Industry Courtesy Discount - 50% off of any service for verified dispensary personnel.


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I ask that my patients schedule appointments online, that will generate a code that will allow them to complete a chart code to complete an intake form and chart consent and medical records release form. Prepaying for the appointment is risk-free, as your fee will be refunded if you do not qualify (minus the 3.5% registration fee). This is standard practice in Florida. If you do not wish to do so, this can be done at the time of your appointment but will take extra time. 

Please upload a driver's license for proof of Florida residency and a current office visit from your primary care physician.